About Us

Who We Are?

We are a team of Pujavidhi experts with deep interest in Hindu spiritual culture. We firmly believe that religion and rituals can be approached in a very organized and logical manner. Thus we effortlessly perform all Hindu puja services in a unique manner with detailed explanation of all the steps involved in the puja, and not just the mechanical way, as we believe that puja is the most powerful and divine form of prayer to reach Almighty God.

We act as a one stop solution for getting pundit and puja accessories. We provide you with cost effective solutions for observing and practice of vital spiritual activities. We not only offer you holy puja services but also share our expansive resource of information about these pujas and homas to help you understand and learn about their significance. Every request is addressed with equal quickness and care, dispensing required services in a timely fashion.

Where, When & How?

We offer customised and personalized Vidhi at your homes and offices anywhere in India in all major cities at your convenient time. Please call us on the numbers given below.

Why Us

Reliablepunctual practices providing complete puja samagri/ materials.

Authenticlearned acharyas , shashtris & sanskar specialists having vedic knowledge will share their understanding.

Reasonablefocus on spiritual services.

What We Do

We provide spiritual services in various categories

  • mundan

    Kids and Newborns

    • Naming Ceremony
    • First Food Eating Ceremony
    • Mundan Ceremony
    • Birthday Ceremony
    • Thread wearing Ceremony (along with Grahmakh)
    • Samavartan Vidhi
    • Dattak Vidhi
  • marriage

    Brides and Grooms

    • Marriage Ceremony
    • Engagement Ceremony
    • Navagraha Shanti Or Grahamakh
  • senior

    Senior Citizens

    • Shanti at the age 60 years, 75 years, 80 years, 90 years, 100 years
    • Shanti after a great granddaughter or great grandson is born
    • ​Udakshanti for health
  • satyanarayana

    Other Pujas and Shanti

    • Satyanarayan Puja (with or without Havan)
    • Udakshanti
    • Vastushanti
    • Sahastravartan
    • Laghurudra
    • Navachandi
    • Ganesh Chaturthi Puja
    • Kalsarp Shanti
    • ​Grahashanti
  • pooja

    Shraaddha Vidhi

    • Hiranya Shraddha
    • Sapindak Shraddha
    • Last Rites
    • Antyeshtavidhi
  • naagbali

    Pitrudosha Vidhi

    • Narayanbali Naagbali
    • Tripindi Shraaddha


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